The Writtle Surgery

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Urine Sample Policy

From 14.11.2019 we will no longer be accepting urine samples dropped in at reception for suspected urinary tract infections. This is no longer considered best practice.

If you had planned to drop in a urine sample in but have been told we are not accepting them now then, please book a face to face appointment with a Doctor if you are any of the following:

  • If you are unwell
  • Over 65
  • Under 16
  • Male

Please be ready to provide a urine sample when you attend the appointment.

If you do not fit in the above criteria you will be booked a telephone call from a Doctor or Nurse at the surgery.

If you have been asked to bring a sample to the surgery we will provide you with the appropriate container at reception, we will only accept urine samples decanted into the small brown bottles.

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